Look what I made !


Wait up!!! Don’t throw your good old jeans or your old tee-shirt yet…I’m getting there with some ideas you will fall in love with.

Mark this space. This is a ‘How to’ section for  experiments with your jewellery, shoes, bags and other accessories. Also simple and easy, utility and decor crafts.  So Lets bling it on. Shall we?

If you are wondering about my credentials and do I have a formal training in this clothing and craft world? No. I don’t. Flair?? Yes! Oodles.

My love for dressing up and shopping comes right from when I couldn’t even spell it and I’ve only been sharpening my saw at it since. Having confessed to be a compulsive shopper, I have been to a lot of shopping destinations which has made my wardrobe full (like about to burst at seams full) and eclectic. I closely follow trends (though it gets overwhelming sometimes) but follow them in moderate doses. Excessive obsessive shopping is the mother of my organisational skills (although sometimes when I do get a free gift on my shopping I have desperately wished it to be a new closet!!). Only if wishes were horses and money grew on trees…(sigh).

So Lets bling it on. Shall we?