I was here!!


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Yes!! I was there…in all those awesome places and you will find my travel accounts here. Not very long ago and for a long time, a twice daily trip to my dental school and a weekend shopping trip to the mall pretty much defined the word travel in my life. But when I started, I travelled to seven countries in a year! What can I say…I was making up for the lost time.

I love to travel. All kinds. Be it a historic expedition or lazy sun soaked beach vacations or mountain shlep and needless to add shopping trips. I’m game for all.

I call myself a traveller-in-making as I have been traveling only lately. But each travel has prepared me better for the next one. With subsequent travels I have graduated from being a typical Indian tourist with the largest and the heaviest baggage on the belt (oh! but you need your shoes to go with your dress, don’t you? and all those extra clothes with the respective accessories for those ‘just-in-case’ situations) to a more efficient one. Will share this ‘how to carry your matching shoes without an extra baggage?’ soon.

With all due regards to the sites dedicated to prepare you well with all possible data (best time to visit, best sites to see, best places to stay, best places to eat at…so on and so forth). What I’m going to do is add a cherry on the cake by telling you what to pack in your bags, where to shop and for what, what you can skip  and what you must not! besides my first hand experience of the place in general as I saw it.

With pictures, of course.