What is this blog about, again?


Well, it’s about creating simple pretty stuff. Adorning the simple pretty stuff we already have. To make it prettier, of course.

It’s about shelling ideas out, creating awesomeness and staying crafty.

Reusing stuff at home and organising yourself for a better living.

It’s not exactly about being thrifty or frugal in its entirety ….I’m all for spending money guys, aakhir paisa to haath ka mail hai!! (Translation: Money is nothing but dirt on your palms that needs to washed off from time to time.)

Lately, I’ve also been traveling to some really interesting places so it’s also about my travel stories and pictures. Most importantly, its a way of archiving, recording my itsy bitsy everyday stuff and other experiences of life as I’m loving and living it!!

So why don’t we shake hands now?? 🙂


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