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The Pastlife Seamstress!

The Pastlife Seamstress!


Hello there! I’m Nikita, currently cocooned in balmy Swiss Alps but in my mind I do spend a lot of time in India. Armed with a masters degree in Dental Surgery that is yet to be put into formal practice. Why? (I get that a lot) Because after eight years of training to be one, I felt worn out and wanted a change from all things teeth and gums! And this is where I found myself…on an indefinite sabbatical, writing an informal introduction (when I was expected to be writing résumés!!) taking the road less travelled, re-charging, soul-searching, being madly hopelessly in love with my husband (who takes most of the pictures you see on my blog) 🙂 and living it up on a sure and steady diet of reading, writing, cinema and travel.


Besides these fundamental facts, I love to write & probably write more than I talk!!  I love to read but chew on it and take a long time to down a book. I love pictures -seeing them, being in them and taking them. I love big fat Indian weddings big time. ‘Happiness is handmade’ is my motto. I love all things that one can label old or folk or rustic or all of them! I absolutely adore Indian prints (paisley being my favourite) and think saree is the most beautiful dress in the whole world. I have been tending a secret desire to build a saree museum of my own and wish to collect this craft from every nook & cranny of India! I enjoy watching movies and throw dialogues and quotes occasionally. Adi, my bestest half, can be found at the receiving end. I’m a tea lover and like to get high on chai.


Clicks of a typewriter, handwritten mail, making lists, rustle of silk, milky smell of babies, cirrus skies, vintage clothes, canopied beds, crème brûlée, cooking, flea markets, hunting for jewellery, crockery & books are the little (notwithstanding clichéd) delights of my life and when a snowflake lands on my open palm… it makes me immensely happy. 🙂

My blog is ‘ad free’ and have no sponsors whatsoever. Therefore all the humble (and sometimes arrogant) opinions remain solely mine.

And a click here probably defines me better than I do myself.


Know why I’m called a Pastlife Seamstress…