Shinta Mani: Siem Reap, Cambodia.


A trip to Cambodia needs to be planned well and I do hope my earlier posts render some help in doing so.

Here’s some more on Siem Reap.



We flew to Bangkok spending a few days in Thailand before reaching Siem Reap Via Bangkok. We did this to avoid having too many flight connections and too long flying time, also we would never miss a chance to be in Thailand. 🙂


I have already written a bit about our stay here. So besides my mortal fear of reptiles what you must know about Shinta Mani Club is that although on monastic side, it is tastefully appointed in Khmer style with some really clever work on ceilings. It has two other branches as well. A new year eve’s dinner was organised at one of their sister resort. Our first choice was Maison Polanka which wasn’t available neither was Amansara. However Raffles was available but we decided in the favour of Shinta Mani as we did spoil ourselves in Thailand already and saved some here. I do recommend all the above mentioned places.

We stayed for three nights at Shinta Mani which I think is a good length of time to spend in Siem Reap.



For going to Angkor we hired a taxi via hotel for two days. For our local trips we used their local mode of transport – a ‘remork’ which a kind of a motorised rickshaw that takes you about anywhere for two dollars.



Well, we mostly ate in the hotel. Shinta Mani has a fantastic restaurant called Kroya serving Khmer cuisine and other international cuisines. It has simple food done well – just how we like our food to be. There are quite a few Indian restaurants in the city too. We particularly liked a South Indian fair called Dakshin. I’ve also heard good things about Miss Wong if you fancy a drink. It serves Asian/Chinese cuisine. Even if you aren’t staying at Shinta Mani – I do recommend a meal at Kroya. The breakfasts are served on a giant swing over a little water stream. Enticing, isn’t it? – It’s featured in the collage bellow.




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A mosaic of good times in Cambodia!



Did little else than walking the temple grounds as it is a tiring exercise and so ran back and forth to temples and spa. But there’s more. Hot air ballon rides are organised giving you a bird’s eye view of the majestic Angkor. Also there’s Tonle Sap lake that you can visit – I don’t really recommend that though.



There are some quirky shops in the local market Phsar (sounds like bazaar, isn’t it?) Chas. Also there are lots of night markets to hunt for souvenirs and other knick-knacks. Find lots of Apsara figurines, masks and paintings. There’s a shop called Artisans d’Angkor for some hand woven fabrics, silks, sculptors, ceramics and other wood or bamboo articles and  souvenirs. It’s quite expensive but the quality standards are higher than those of a night market. Also a market called Made in Cambodia is held every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month – which we popped in and bought a painting that adorns one of our walls in India. I do recommend a visit to this market if your holiday is so timed.


We travelled to Cambodia in 2015. Do check the latest updates on my recommendations before you make it there.

See you soon!


  1. Wonderful post, very useful and informative!!!ShintaMani sounds like hindi word”chinta Mani”.any connection between the two?

    • pastlifeseamstress says

      Thank you! Yes it does sound like the Hindi word, I’m not sure if they mean the same as well :O

  2. Excellent guide to Cambodia spl for Angkor wat.Good job done Nikki.