Sicily: A Truly Unique Experience!


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How about hopping from Greek island to an Italian island ?? Sounds very exciting! Well, it is and here’s our new guest author and a true citizen of the world ‘M.D’ taking you over to Sicily that truly rivals the Greek ones in its beauty and rustic charm. I’ll see you soon, meanwhile enjoy Sicily  PLS


Sicily has always been a dream destination for me and my fiancé, and so, we finally decided to make a visit. Knowing that people flock to the island and the beaches, we wanted to do some things other than just lying around on the sand and getting tanned. While that isn’t a bad idea in itself, we decided to include different activities to spice up our vacation and experience the real Sicily.





So, I got down to my online research for planning our holidays in Sicily and this is the summary of our extraordinary time in that beautiful Mediterranean island!



Amazing Catania

Arriving at 9:00 in the morning, we headed straight to our lodgings, B&B Crociferi, located on Via Crociferi, 7. This was our home in Catania for 2 days, allowing us to visit the city. It is a charming city with the majestic Mt.Etna making a powerful impression. We went around and discovered that there were so many things to see – a mixture of ancient Greek and Roman ruins and Baroque buildings dot the area. We visited the main cathedral plus a few more (there are literally everywhere!) and dropped by the Greek-Roman Theater and the Ursini Castle. You can hardly know where to begin as the place is packed with beautiful buildings and churches.

The next day was spent on an excursion to Mt. Etna! It was a long day but we were thrilled to visit the volcano. It’s not every day that we can see a volcano, much less climb it, so this was an opportunity. We booked with an agency for the trip. We were picked up from our place in the morning and were brought to the northern side of the volcano where we were shown some caves and craters formed by past eruptions. With our guide and other members of the group, we climbed higher until we reached the crater. It’s hard to describe the feeling of peering down the crater but the difficulty to go up was all worth it. The views are totally awesome and you will always have that victorious feeling of being able to climb up the highest active volcano in all of Europe! I was glad I shared that extraordinary moment with my fiancé.





Picture-perfect Taormina

The next day we started early. We decided to visit Taormina for the famous ancient Greek Theater carved out of Monte Tauro. Making our way to the site, we visited other buildings such as the Roman Odeon and the Museum of Art and Popular Traditions. As soon as we arrived at the theater, we were taken aback by the strategic location. From the theater you have a spectacular view of the sea and of Mt. Etna! It was simply beautiful; we just sat on the bleachers to take lots of pictures! We found out that the theater is still used to host classical plays and that it is the location for the annual Taormina film festival held in summer.

Much as we wanted to linger, our stomachs were grumbling so we decided to head back and had a sumptuous meal at Ristorante la Griglia in Corso Umberto 54. We ate al fresco and had a wonderful view to add up to the delicious food. After lunch, we headed towards Giardini Naxos and had a refreshing stroll by the seaside.




Enchanting Agrigento

We decided not to stay over in Taormina but headed towards Agrigento for another 2 days of our trip. We thought to drive there so we rented a car and my boyfriend was eager to handle the wheel. The trip was scenic and driving wasn’t all that difficult. Arriving before dinner, we checked into our hotel, the Baglio della Luna which is conveniently located just 800 meters off the beach. We had a room that had a splendid view of the Valley of the Temples and we found it perfect! We got settled in, freshened up, and made our way to the restaurant which is known for its culinary flair. My boyfriend had Paccheri with Octopus which was truly divine. I was myself very satisfied with my choice of Spaghetti with Mussels and Pachino Tomatoes!








The next morning, we went to the Valley of the Temples and we were amazed at how well-preserved the buildings are. Imagine seeing different temples in one area, just proof of how great ancient civilization was. As we came up over the rise, my mind was blown, I was so excited to explore and take pictures of everything. I was like a little girl in a candy shop! It might have been hot but the sights made up for the heat. I recommend to anybody to go with sunblock, bottle of water, sunglasses, something to cover the head and comfortable walking shoes.

After like 2 hours of walking, we completed the area and we left with wonderful memories and tons of pictures as mementos! This place is going to make you bow down to Greece’s once powerful, determined, imaginative rule.

The next day, we went to see the Scala dei Turchi and we had another mesmerizing day. All that white rock carved by winds and rain, forming steps on the surface. It was so picturesque – white rock and blue, blue sea! We spent the day relaxing by the beach until we felt our skins have had enough. We headed back to the hotel for some rest before our last dinner in Sicily.




The morning after, we drove to the Comiso Airport for our flight back home. As our plane started to rise, and we were looking down at the beautiful island below, we knew we would visit again.







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Born in New York City, raised throughout the World MD is truly a global citizen. Currently based in Germany working for an art gallery, MD has a passion for writing and travelling and frequently contributes to different blogs & websites as a freelance writer.




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