Flashback into 2014!


Hello there!

A Happy Happy New Year to you!

I’m a tad bit late here but I do believe I haven’t missed the bus altogether (I mean we are still in January). So here’s a video (well, technically it’s a slide show but that’s how far I could get with my technical abilities) that I’ve been conceptualising, compiling, editing, working and reworking on since I got back on my work table.

It’s a throwback of our year in voyages. While you must recognise some of the stories from 2014, others are waiting to be told.


Some instructions to best view it:
  1. Although you can watch it here on this page, you might miss out on some text on the pictures so I recommend full screen viewing.
  2. Again, although my blog is not monetised for ads, ads are appearing on it & it is making me go ballistic!
  3. For full screen mode you can click on the video, which will then show you a control panel.
  4. Click on the full screen mode (appearing on extreme right) on the control panel below.
  5. Select settings (appearing next to full screen mode sign) and select video quality at 1080p HD.
  6. Now pull a chair and sit back cause it’s 5min 14s long, which is like a movie in the world of 10sec videos and gifs!
  7. Please feel free to cancel/skip/cross off any ads that bug you.


Trust me, this video would have been here long ago, if only we could figure how to autoplay the contents in HD without any ads.

Apologies for the delay & inconvenience.

I really hope you do enjoy the video!!




Pictures : Adi, Pastlife Seamstress & NML

Editing, Compiling: Pastlife Seamstress

Technical support: Adi

Music:┬áRather Be – Pentatonix (Clean Bandit Cover)

Advert interruptions : Google




  1. That is one cute video!!!

  2. Nice to see you on your voyage in a new flavour,very beautifully summarised.Good video/slideshow—–doesn’t matter.It is interesting n entertaining.Both are looking great.God bless you dear.