Musings on the hundred year old man!!


To sum up things before I even say them, what you are now reading are my musings on a book, last read by me.

Why am I doing this? Because I love to read and write. Almost as much as I love DIY-ing and Shopping. I have been reading books since I started ‘reading’. I hope you know what I mean. I found myself surrounded by them, when I was very small and now I do that deliberately. Books are the most common birth day present that I have received, second only to sweaters. Most of the days, I just manage to read two or three pages, but I carry on. It has become such a regular, consistent activity that it’s pretty much a part of my physiology now!

I’m always on a book, sometimes read 2-3 books, simultaneously. Example, one that I can sleep with, another one that is for research and demands absolute concentration, third one that can be flipped over, over a chat or a moderately interesting TV programme. And with this, I manage to have a turn over of 7-10 books/year besides magazines and other such reads. So yeah, I love books.

All this experience doesn’t make me a professional book reviewer. But this book, that I read is so good that I want to immortalize its memory by publishing it here and by sharing with you.

I’ve just turned the last page of, ‘The hundred year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared‘ by Jonas Jonasson. The book is as big as its name. 394 pages to be precise (author’s interview included). And has very fine print. Books with very fine print are honestly, not the first one’s to be picked by me. So I’m really proud of my husband for doing that, instead of me.

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The book has since been passed onto Hubz who says ‘okay, now I understand why after every few pages you would say, its crazy!’ and he also says ‘kamaal hai!‘ (hindi expression of surprise). I also read on a very witty facebook page (GreyHumor), that ‘you know you are reading a good book when, you have to stop once in a while and say the ‘F’ word!!! Well, this is ‘the’ book.

The book is written in the most original style, with the perfect seasoning of humor, irony and thrill. I loved the writing style so much that I searched more books by this author and was very disappointed and at the same time, very impressed, to know that this was Jonas Jonasson’s first and only book. The good news is, he is working on his second book. I’m following him on Twitter to be updated (you can follow me too and I will bring home the news).

‘The hundred year old man’ is about Allan Karlsson, the protagonist, the hundred year old man. He sets sail, for his, what turns out to be, a big wild, in Allan Karlsson way, an unusually exciting venture. On his 100th birthday!! All by himself. And its not only the protagonist that charms you the most and grabs the lion’s share of limelight (as in many of the books), Jonas Jonasson has infused all characters with their own peculiar way of growing on the reader. I’m no spoil sport so I won’t tell you much about what happens in due course of events. You have to read the book and find out yourself, who joined Allan in his journey and who left him and how did he continue, survive and culminate his escapde. I would just tell you that, this book is an amazing amazing read. It’s actually one long adventure ride down to the T. You too, travel with this crazy old Swede, from Sweden to all the continents of the world sans Antarctica. And after every few pages, Allan gets you to meet Truman (I mean ‘the’ Truman), Lenin (I mean ‘the’ Lenin), and Mao Tse-tung (I mean ‘the’ Mao), Roosevelt (‘the’ Roosevelt), Einstein (e =mc²), Churchill (follow the suit) and Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle (former French President after whom, the Paris airport is named, CDG). Also, I am only giving you a ‘few’ names and there are more big guns inside. Find yourself attacked by his wit, humor and the elephant (no, thats not a typing error) at the most unexpected of situations and in the most unpredictable way. And when you finish reading this book you would feel exactly, what you feel when an adventure trip ends.

I also checked if the movie is coming around. Well, Swedes have bought movie rights but there is no more news, as per my last check. If they make a movie on this, which I’m sure they will (and they should), the life of Allan Karlsson will be as adventurous and thrilling (and may be more in some instances) as Life of Pie. I have even chosen my Allan Karlsson for the movie and no one can play it better than Woody Allen. I’m so waiting for the movie.

Just grab the book asap and start your journey. Have a happy time reading.


P.S:  The book is also special since it was bought from Shakespeare and  Co., the famous bookstore in Paris where the movie ‘Before Sunset’ begins. 🙂



  1. satya sawant says:

    though i particularly do not like reading fine print , i guess i have to read it as soon as i lay my hands on it.

  2. niki
    where do i get in india?
    And by the way , am a fan now.

    • pastlifeseamstress says:

      Thanks for the love! Best place should be flipcart. Otherwise Landmark should have it too!

  3. Next on my list for sure!!

  4. I may read this one. I have not read a fiction in last few years. Maybe I should start reading again. 🙂

    • pastlifeseamstress says:

      If my word is any good…you’ll love it. It will be a good restart to fiction.