Falling hearts pullover.


As I said I’m not done ​with hearts…I’m back with some more stuff. And for non DIY’s I have some ‘SIY’ (shop it yourself!) stuff. Will tell you the sources.

The first one is a gorgeous cobalt blue sweater from H&M which I styled with a falling hearts pattern. Super easy. Minimal sewing. Très chic. Well the only difference here is that this time I used a smaller ready made ‘felt’ patch in Fuchsia colour.

Before I begin, let me tell you about this ‘felt’ patch. Felt is a non woven cloth made of wollen fibres. It’s soft to touch and has the look and feel of a fine thin blanket. This material is easily available in craft shops  or the local haberdasher’s place (I got mine from a very interesting shop called Depot, here ​in Switzerland) .

And if you get lucky you might even find the ready made patches of felt of different shapes (like I did here).

Let’s begin…

Step1: Prefer using a plain sweater for this pattern to make the hearts stand out.

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Step 2: You can arrange these patches in the way I showed you in the picture starting from your shoulder – downwards.

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Step 3: Once you have re-arranged you can pin them in place using pearl head pins or a simple safety pin, if former is unavailable. It is easier to sew and maintain uniformity in pattern, this way.

Step 4: Sew then in place using running stitches.

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Step 5: Try it on and you are ready to turn some heads your way for sure!!

Falling Hearts pattern sweater DIY

I understand that all of you might not be very enthusiastic about sewing. But EVERYTHING HAS A SOLUTION. And the solution  in this case​ is called Fabric Glue!

Stick ​

the patches on using fabric glue, leave for 24 hrs, very gentle iron on reverse side and you are good to go.

Come on, lets see the smile now 🙂

And here are some cool shopping ideas!

This is a grey cotton pull with yellow hearts on the front from United Colors of Benneton bought from India. The pull is not too warm so perfect for February weather (specially in India) and perfect for V-Day if you are not a fan of red hearts! You can team it up with much in trend brighter colour pant/jeans. Your perfect welcome for the spring.

Yellow hearts, united colors of benetton, valentine's day, spring outfit, girly things, women's wear

Now this is my personal favourite. I got these tights form a lovely Accessorize store in London. Accessorize is one of my favourite places to shop. It’s full of colour and trend and you feel like buying almost everything from the shop. (Sigh!) This also happens to be a perfect way to downplay heart motif. Go on. Give it a try.

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This one is also apt for Valentine’s Day (well I’m preparing you for the next one!). This is a Fuchsia felt beret hat bought from the christmas market in Strasbourg, France. I have made a crumbling heart pattern on it using white and pink beads (Will post the tutorial soon in coming posts).

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And the last one, I love this one. This was bought from the best Adidas store I have seen so far, located at the famous Champs Élysées  in Paris. We were pretty late into the night, shopping but the staff was as kind as they are to see the first customers of the day. I’m not big on sporty clothes but I’m definitely re-visiting the store sometime in future.

Adidas, heart motif, hoodie, white hearts, winter wear, women wear, shopping, champs elysees, valentine's day, DIY,

It goes without saying by now, how much I love this motif so here’s more on this. This one is a mustard dress in crepe by Zara, which I bought from India. It came with a black thin belt which I’ve replaced with a broad ivory one. Its super comfy and perfect for a summer evening. I teamed it with a matching cross body bag (from India) and a dragon fly necklace bought from a flea market in Barcelona.

heart motif, dress, DIY, women wear, dresses, yellow

I was recently in Rio de Janeiro and discovered it was a heaven of all things shoes. So I went to an amazing shoe store and bought myself a pair of rain shoes (among others :)) since it rains a lot where I live and for summer in general (It hasn’t rained since, but I’m positive ). My heart went out for this cutwork and I had to buy it. For heart’s sake!

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And ‘the bag that has seen the Indian ocean and now the Atlantic too’. This is me standing on the Copacabana walkway of the Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro. I bought this bag in India from Lifestyle store. For INR 150, it was a steal. Also while going to the beach, you must carry a beach bag (if it matches your swim wear than its a bonus!) here’s what I carried.

heart motif, dress, DIY, women wear, dresses, yellow, shoes, rain shoes, shoe shopping

This one is a vintage heart necklace bought in India (after considerable bargaining) from a local store. I so love this one. It goes with almost anything and makes me feel like a hippie!

heart motif, dress, DIY, women wear, dresses, yellow, shoes, rain shoes, shoe shopping

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Stay tuned for more interesting DIY ideas, shopping and travel stories. Also I would add here, that it is one post that I’ll keep on updating so make sure to be back for some more fun ideas.

Have a great time ‘DIY-ing’. And shopping!

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Credits : Cobalt blue sweater from H&M bought in Switzerland, Jeans from Zara in Switzerland and Shoes by Tamaris, shopped online. Styled by P.L.S



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