Wear your heart on your sleeve!


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I’m back as promised and hope you all are having or had a great day. If you’ve been here before then thank you and big hugs. If not then a very warm welcome and you are at the right time.

Well, I know I’m a tad late for Valentine’s Day but its still raining hearts here! So say goodbye to winter in style and wear a heart on your sleeve. Yes! Literally.

Heart motif is one of my favourites and clearly it’s one of the most popular one, used by umpteen number of brands, names and in everyday texting. Its all over Bollywood and Hollywood. I love it. Stars love it. Do you??

Okay, so I’m a bit old school and love history and thought it’ll be good to dig in the origin of what we wear. So I did a bit of research on it for you. The heart symbol is traditionally European and symbolic of spiritual, moral and intellectual core of a human being. As far back as 400-600 B.C Greeks used it to denote a musical instrument called Lyre. We have to give it to the Greeks, again.  But the most likely reason for our western linking of this motif to romantic love comes from a place called Cyrene in North Africa- all thanks to a heart shaped seed much famous in trade.

Coming back to the present world…do you know that heart is the new ‘heart’ of fashion??  You heard me right.

This very motif is going to be all over Burberry, yes ‘the’ Burberry’s super classy collection making its appearance in…wait for it……(à la Barney style)…Autumn Winter 2013!! And this is not it, some Indian designers are doing it too. So make it and wear it now and let FASHION FOLLOW YOU.

Let’s jump to the tutorial.

All you need is a sweater (yes the boring one, the one that has been hiding in your closet cause it was too plain to be out), a red/pink  t-shirt (colour choice is yours), a pair of scissors, a cardboard, marking pencil, needle and thread.


Heart motif, Burberry, DIY, crafts, easy,

Heart patch tutorial


Step 1. Now before starting you need to wear your sweater and mark the spot where your elbow rests.

Step 2. Draw a heart shape pattern about 4″ wide and 3” long on a cardboard using marking pencil and prepare a cardboard cutout.

Step 3. Keep the cardboard cutout on your t-shirt (red) and draw the pattern on t-shirt following the heart shape of cardboard.

Step4. Prepare a heart shape cutout from the t-shirt using scissors.

DIY, Heart motif

Heart patch tutorial

Step 5: Refine the shape if needed, with scissors.

Step 6: Place it on the spot where you marked your elbow and sew using running stitches (which look like a simple dashed line).

Heart motif, sweater, DIY

Heart patch tutorial

Step 7: Follow same way on the other side and you’re….

Heart motif, DIY, winter, Burberry, patch

Heart patch tutorial

Step 8: Very important one. Wear with style, smile and panache!

Heart motif, elbow patch, sweater, winter, valentine's day, DIY, Crafts

Heart on sleeve


Okay, this is about it. But No. I’m not done with hearts yet. I’ll be bringing a lot more ideas how to wear this motif in my coming posts. So do come back. Also for my readers in tropics, you can try this on your t-shirts or shirts. It will look equally fabulous.

Psst…psst…do tell me how you feel about this post. I’ll be happy to know. Also share your ‘hearty’ ideas with me and I’ll feature them in my posts.

Credits: The sweater I used was by Remanika bought from India, Jeans by  ZARA bought in Switzerland, Shoes by Aldo bought from London. Styled by Pastlife Seamstress (hereafter appearing occasionally as P.L.S ) 🙂






  1. superb!!
    loved the innovation

  2. liked the idea…really superb…waiting for more to come!!

  3. fine attempt keep it up

  4. Finally!!!! its awesome…..

  5. Loved the idea!! Very useful for people like me who have lots of stuff tagged as ” Boring” !!! Thanks.. 🙂

  6. superb …keep it up…soon you will get call from milan or paris…

  7. Good one PLS 🙂 lookin fwd for the next one

  8. very pretty indeed.fabulous idea.looking for next anxiously.

  9. Really Stylish ….Super cool ….Jus Fab !!

  10. Hey days too cute…I love dese hearts on dis stylish grey top..lovely idea must say…waitin for more designs sweety…!

  11. Hey days too cute…I love dese hearts on dis stylish grey top..lovely idea must say…waitin for more designs sweety…!


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